Sunday, December 14, 2008

True colors...out too soon :)

As I said in my last post, i would like to keep my fingers crossed....I thought I have been quite sagacious. After the rare unanimity shown in the house.....politicians failed to turn up to pay respects to those brave soldiers who laid down their lives to defend these very politicians. It was the 5th anniversary of the parliament attack. Out of 750 MP's only 12 turned up.....just beginning to show their true colors....

Last night i saw a high profile Pakistani leader defending his country's fight against terror. He wanted India to hand over proof to them so that they could carry out their...(skewed).... investigations. Pat came the reply from an Indian politician...." They seek the help of Scotland yard police to investigate the assassination of their former prime minister. This amply proves they have no faith in their own investigation. How do they expect us to have faith in theirs". A former army chief of India expounded the theory of "death by a thousand cuts' to bring the rogue nation to book. The panelists mistook his suggestions for a full fledged war causing the high profile leader to panic and prematurely ring the alarm bells.He talked at length about Pakistan's nuclear capability and so on.

However I was disappointed by what an Indian film director had to say. He absolved the government of Pakistan of all blame and exhorted the government of both sides to get their act together to fight the terrorists. How could he be so naive so as to overlook the Pakistan governments tacit support to militants all these years. Doesn't he know, despite providing irrefutable evidence against 20 hardcore militants, seeking refuge there, Pakistan prefers to sit tight on it. And that too for 20 long years. Cant he see for himself how Pakistani leaders fumble with their statements on jihadis operating in India - they say something today only to disown it the very next day. Pakistan can never be trusted for its words nor relied upon for action.

Asking them to co-operate is like seeking the help of the burglar to investigate a burglary in your house.

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