Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Politician Bashing

I find it quite difficult to come to terms with the restrained attitude of our politicians. Ever since terrorism reared its ugly head, way back in the early eighties, our leaders have just restricted themselves to condemning these "dastardly acts". The platitudes they offer, is what they had said in the past and, surely, will be saying in future. Do they not get tired of oft spoken statements. Are they not aware that such meaningless assertions simply cut no ice. Come next terrorist attack and we know what the condoled message would be.

Is it too much to expect them to talk in a stern voice.....something which can be interpreted as a threat. They need to realize, by talking softly they send the impression that you can take India for granted. No wonder, terrorists treat India as a sitting duck.

Let them take a leaf out of their Chinese or American counterparts. They issue threats and carry it out when required. So disruptive elements think twice before playing havoc. Do terrorists think twice, when it comes to India?

Therefore, the groundswell of resentment against politicians is highly justified.

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