Thursday, December 18, 2008

Had We Been Like Them.............

In my blog, posted on December 10th, I had expressed the opinion that when it comes to India, terrorists do not think twice before striking. They treat us as sitting ducks. It was nice to hear similar views from the leader of the opposition while debating in parliament. He told " terrorists believe that they can get away with it".

As for the new anti terror law, i dont have much to say, except that, the proof of the pudding is in eating. Only time can tell about its effectiveness.

The minister for minority affairs has stirred the hornets nest, with his comments on the killings of senior ATS officials in the recent mumbai attacks. He believes it is the handi work of some other elements, who wanted to secure themselves, by eleminating these high rankig officials. It obviously is a reference to those who are opposing the investigation of a Sadhvi, said to be involved in the Malegaon blasts. Though it is too early to say anything about it, I believe, the minister shouldn't have jumped the gun, particular at this hour when Pakistan is facing tremendous international pressure. His irresponsible comments may provide fodder to Pakistan to distort matters further.

However, early this week this minister came out with an interesting suggestion. He wants the new terror law to treat terrorism at par with communal riots. This, indeed, is a well thought out suggestion. I support the idea wholeheartedly because the scale of violence involved in communal riots can be no less severe than an terrorist attack. While terrorists target indiscriminately, rioters target a particular group indiscriminately. That such a provision wouldn't allow a terrorist to take refuge under the common pretext - being targetted for belonging to a particular religion - again, makes the suggestion extremely pertinent to the cause of an effective terror law.

Before taking the final bow, President Bush, had to face the music.He was clever enough to play down the incident by saying "it is the sign of a free society". I found this statement as amusing as the incident. Great presence of mind, indeed!

But what struck me the most is the amazing sense of humor that these Americans have. They took it in the right spirit, insult not withstanding, and came out with online games targeting Bush. All the chat shows had many interesting as well as amusing suggestions to make. Well this throws light on their free society as well !

Had we been like them..............we would have enjoyed lives better..:)

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