Monday, December 29, 2008

Pakistan's Deceitful Ways....

Pakistan has turned the tables on India. By upping the war ante, they have quiet deceitfully, managed to seize the advantage from India. The rest of the world, is now more concerned about a possible nuclear holocaust than the heinousness of the Mumbai attacks. America has toned down its criticism and it seems matters will die a silent death. And to add insult to injury, Pakistan is stagemanaging a few blasts in its own territory and accusing India of conspiring against it.

Pakistan's beaviour is along expected lines. Does the loud mouthed film director have an answer to all this?. India must re-draw its strategy on combating terrorism from the other side of the border. It must stop relying on others to persuade the rogue nation to see reason. Pakistan's tall claim that it has been as much a victim of terrorism as India is, is nothing but outright sham. It needs to realize that one who rides a tiger cannot dismount. So all measures to reform its society, from within, will be answered by violence.It is just a question of the chicken coming home to roost. So when you pay for your own ills, how can you be a victim?. On the contrary, India, which has got nothing to reform from within, is a victim in the true sense of the term.

If Pakistan believes in reading between the lines, it must take note of the huge turn out of voters in Kashmir. It shows, these very people, whom they have been trying hard to poison since decades, have reposed implicit faith in the way Indian democracy functions.

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