Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Silver Lining!

Since long, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have been at loggerheads over the sharing of Cauvery waters. This contentious issue has created an unbridgeable divide between the two states. To make matters worse, politicians from both sides have tried hard to exploit the situation in their favour. Rabble rousing, on this issue, has been their pet job. This, has invariably led to, protests, violence, and looting in both the states. People were the ultimate victims of such sheer political opportunism. Loss of lives and damage to property hardly mattered in the mad race for power.

A recent development between the two states deserves a special mention. A statue of the great Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar was recently installed in Karnataka. The chief minister of Tamil Nadu, at request of his Karnataka counterpart, flew in to unveil the statue. This took place, despite strong protests by some lingual chauvinists in Karnataka. As a reciprocal gesture, a statue of a Kannada poet, Sarvajna, will soon be unveiled in Tamil Nadu. This show, given the will, political parties can transcend their regional bias to foster good will amongst people.

Sadly, such a rare development, has not found a mention in the front pages of our newspapers. Whereas a Bollywood actor being detained in New York airport, easily wriggles into the headlines.

However, as an Indian, I feel very happy about it.


  1. Thank u for highlighting such an issue and bringing it to our knowledge.

  2. It really feels great that individuals like you are bringig such touchy issues in the forefront.

  3. Thank you for sharing this incident with us. If our politician do something for people such way, our country will be gain in every possible way and a strong unity will be build for our nation.

  4. This is so true, the media and politics still feeds itself on divide and rule. Sad isn't it?

  5. It seems that the long period of loggerhead-ness has resulted in such state of mindless inertia that doing good by one state for the other results in reciprocation of the same by the other state.


    Subhasish Bose

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